Marko Vrakela has been a construction industry stalwart for the last several years. Having started out as an entry-level constructor, Marko has since become an industry innovator who sets the bar high for his peers. A few people have achieved this level of success, seeing that the construction industry is full of obstacles. Not to mention that the industry itself does not have an easily understood business model.

The result is that most professionals in this field are only capable of “survival mode”. The fact that the market is still relatively tight is also a testament to the resilience of the construction industry. Although it offers tons of great investment, there is still a dearth of information for prospective construction managers who wish to become more informed.

The main problem is that most people simply do not have the background, personality, knowledge, or resources to enter this space. This is where Marko comes into play. So what gives this titan the edge?

Excellent Leadership

To truly excel in the construction industry, one must understand that building a business means more than the mere ability to do a good job. An excellent leader is of utmost importance. Marko Vrakela shines in this area. He possesses many “soft” traits that are necessary for building a successful team, business, and client-base.

Marko Vrakela is open to feedback, as this enhances the quality of undertaken projects. Many leaders lack this trait. Many fail to understand or consult their team members. Marko is very proactive. The fact that he consults with his team also shows his trust and confidence in them. It also shows in his relationships with clients.

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Effective Communication

Time is of the essence in the construction industry. Clients are already anxious to have their project completed, so the construction manager must keep this in mind when communicating with them. Marko takes this approach to a new level. He ensures that clients understand all facets of their project so that they are clear on how things are supposed to be.

Marko Vrakela also ensures communication among team members. Everyone must be heard. When it comes to team goals, he makes sure they know what is expected of them. He believes that if a person is clear on what is expected, then there will be no confusion. By communicating effectively, team members are not only able to meet their goals, but are also able to avoid pitfalls that plague most construction projects.

High-Demand Skills

The construction industry is a highly diverse space. The skill sets required vary from project to project. Many professionals work well as part of a team, so they possess the skills necessary to perform well in any situation. Marko Vrakela selects only the most skilled builders on his team, ensuring that their skills match the projects he takes on.

The Bottom Line

The aforementioned tenets align with Marko Vrakela’s core principles, which emphasize hard work, labour, laughter, and positive energy. In addition, he gives tips on how to succeed in the construction industry. According to him, a constructor must be punctual, humble, honest, focused, and presentable. These factors guarantee success.