Professionals in the construction industry possess an array of skills, which range from architectural drafting to structural engineering, from masonry to engineering, and from general contracting to site development. One such professional is Marko Vrakela. He is an award-winning building contractor who has contributed to many notable structures across Canada, especially the Greater Toronto Area.

A Rise to the Top

However, his success and standing in the industry has not always been plain sailing, neither did it happen overnight. In the early years of his career, Marko Vrakela worked a 9-to-5 job. But then, his excellence and tenacity on the job enabled him to rise quickly from an entry-level role to a mid-level one. In spite of the challenging working conditions, Marko Vrakela proved he could keep up with the pace.

With his experience and skills, he quickly rose to the top of the construction industry. As impressive as Marko Vrakela’s journey has been, his foundation is what has made him so successful. He attributes his success to leadership, skills, communication, and teamwork. Taking a closer look at these factors, the construction titan explains the following key points.

Life of Marko Vrakela


He made a great impression on his squad due to his exceptional leadership abilities. Unlike traditional managers, he does not sit on the sidelines and issue orders. Instead, he frequently takes an active lead on projects. Even with all his success and achievements, Marko Vrakela continues to strive for more. His approach to work encourages younger employees to be better professionals.


Marko Vrakela understands that construction requires a variety of skills, as one individual may not possess all the expertise required. Therefore, he seeks team members who complement one another to deliver the best results. Every worker is knowledgeable about the equipment and tasks assigned to them. Whether it is masonry or plumbing, Marko Vrakela hires only the best professionals in specialized fields.


The communication skills of this construction manager have become essential to successfully conducting and managing numerous construction projects. Keeping all of the teams informed about progress is one of his responsibilities. When introducing new materials or construction methods, he solicits their input. According to him, effective communication is essential to success, especially when it comes to project management. With such a factor in place, everyone will be on the same page.


Last but not least, Marko Vrakela’s success is partly the result of teamwork. Construction is not a one-man job. The best way to get the job done is to work together. Marko Vrakela relies heavily on his staff members to collaborate throughout the process. He maintains an open-door policy, which means he keeps his workers well-informed and in the loop. Each member of the team is as strong as the next, making everyone significant.

The Bottom Line

To succeed in the construction industry, Marko Vrakela suggests being punctual, focused, humble, honest and stylish. These aspects, combined with the above-discussed principles, are what have made Marko Vrakela a renowned construction manager in the GTA and beyond for over 20 years.