Becoming a successful construction manager is often the result of a hard-won accumulation of experience, skill, and other known qualities. As the industry is highly competitive, there are many important variables that are typically not as easy to identify. Hence, not many people build a successful career from the ground up. An exception to this rule is Marko Vrakela, a Canadian construction manager who has carved a place for himself in the industry and has come to stand out as a true trailblazer.

How it All Began

Marko Vrakela’s journey in construction management initially started out as an entry-level position in a Toronto-based building company. While working at his first job, Vrakela realized he had an aptitude for construction, and as such, thought about expanding his skills. He was able to start on his path towards self-sufficiency by harnessing specific principles and tenets that would allow him move up the ladder.

Over time, the hard work paid off. Not only did Marko Vrakela manage to become one of the leading managers, his company is a large developer of office, residential, and commercial complexes in Toronto and its surrounding environs. As of today, Vrakela has managed to grow the firm in many ways: size, revenue, and in client base.

Marko Vrakela has proven his skills by constantly improving his work quality. Many innovations he implemented in his job have earned him a reputation as a true trailblazer in construction management. But then, what is his secret? It lies in his principles:

Hard Work

The construction industry is a highly demanding sector, which means that construction workers who want to make a mark for themselves must put in the work. Often, it demands intense labour and mental focus. Vrakela, however, has never backed off from his passion. For him, hard work has always been a key component to success.

His approach towards work is a matter of great joy to him. One of the tenets that has allowed him to become successful is his perseverance. Marko Vrakela has not put aside his ambitions despite all the challenges faced. Rather than giving up, he has striven to face the challenges head on, and work tirelessly with his team to achieve successful results.

Marko Vrakela Toronto


Nothing beats Marko Vrakela’s satisfaction than seeing a project from start to finish. For him, every job is like his own child. He believes that only through careful observation and handover can one get a good view of a job and evaluate it comprehensively. He looks for a balance between quality and cost.

His company has a proven track record of success in construction, which means it can afford to be more generous in labour costs. Even so, Vrakela is not willing to sacrifice quality for the sake of money. Instead, he wants to make sure that his clients are getting the best services possible.


Being a successful construction manager is about much more than hard work and quality. Positive vibes and a warm personality are just as important as the qualities listed above. Vrakela is one who puts his team and customers’ needs first, regardless of what happens at work. He emphasizes developing healthy professional relationships and making a difference in the lives of those around him, whether they be workers, project partners, or clients. He is also not about to stop working hard because of any perceived setback.


All these factors, along with more, have propelled him to be a trailblazer in construction management. As an innovative construction manager with a strong background, Marko Vrakela deserves a great deal of credit.