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Marko Vrakela: A Construction Industry Titan

Making it in the construction industry is not an easy feat. Only the very best make it to management-level positions within the highly competitive industry. But a few icons differentiate themselves from the very best in the management level positions. One of them is Marko Vrakela.

These icons are the cream of the crop. They’re construction industry pioneers with a track record for excellence on huge and small projects alike. Like every honest 9-5er, Marko Vrakela started his sojourn into the construction industry with an entry-level position. 

A man of great aspirations, Marko Vrakela would not stay at entry-level positions for very long. Slowly but surely, he started to work his way to mid-level positions, going above and beyond on every assignment. 

Working for a construction company is a demanding experience. Nobody goes easy on you. Even the weather can be brutal at times. Some describe the experience as unforgiving. Despite these challenges, Marko Vrakela’s drive, core skills and education meant he could thrive. 

And, thrive he did. Through determination, grit and pure hustle, Marko Vrakela birthed his dream. Today, he is the top dog at a construction company that handles industrial and commercial projects. 

His track record includes huge construction projects in Toronto and the GTA. His company’s expertise extends beyond building projects. In addition to building, Marko Vrakela and his team manage construction projects. 

So how did he do it? Here, we’ll take a closer look at Marko Vrakela, his methods, principles and roadmap for success. Here’s what you need to know. 

Construction Expert: Marko Vrakela on the Job

Handling multi-million dollar construction projects is never an easy feat. You must monitor thousands of moving parts if you want the project to go smoothly. Similarly, the supervisors must go above and beyond to ensure the building happens accurately. And finally, you have to keep one eye on the budget. 

Marko Vrakela can satisfy the above conditions because he follows these tenets: 

Top Technical Skills

Huge construction projects require the input of different tools and machines. Each tool has its unique characteristics, from the concrete saw to the digger, down to a hammer. While you may be an expert at using a digger, you may not be as proficient with a concrete saw. 

Marko Vrakela understands this technicality. That’s why he only hires the best professionals for each position in his construction team. There’s never a scenario where one person has to use equipment they’re not familiar with. And it’s not just the equipment. From drawing and design to quality checks and supply chain, Marko Vrakela only hires those with top technical skills in each area. 

It may seem small, but this intentional move translates to hundreds of successful projects. Marko Vrakela is able to deliver quality all-round because each cog in his construction machine is the best at what they do. 

Say you have a digger who has mastered his technique over ten years in the industry. While younger guys may be stronger and fitter, he’ll always finish assignments faster. That’s all due to his incredible technique. 

The construction industry requires a degree of strength and physical exertion. But it’s not about who is more powerful, faster or fit. It’s about who is an expert in their chosen construction niche. Marko Vrakela understands that.

Constant Communication

Early in his construction career, Marko Vrakela learned the importance of communication to successful projects. Different teams make up a construction company. 

There’s the design team in charge of building plans and blueprints. There’s the on-ground building team. You can also have supervisors monitoring the project on-site. If you want a successful project, these moving parts must constantly communicate. 

Marko Vrakela understands that. And he has been able to inculcate a communication culture in everything his company does. The success of this approach is evident in the low accident rate at Marko Vrakela’s sites. 

Marko Vrakela’s building team has the latest site communication gear, and they use it too. They use it to prevent accidents while working with heavy machinery. Their impeccable communication skills prevent mishaps while moving pipes and other heavy construction material around. 

Finally, Marko Vrakela displays the same communication habit with his clients. Marko’s multi-million dollar clients always get real-time updates on how the project progresses. He also provides reports which can be monthly or weekly depending on the client. These characteristics are how Marko Vrakela distinguishes himself as a leader in the Toronto construction industry. 

A Leader by Example 

We all know the age-old story of hating your boss at work. Naturally, it’s easy to hate someone who gives all the orders. In some cases, the hate is justified. 

Say you have a boss who is keen on blaming others for mistakes on the job. There’s someone always responsible, but it’s never them. In time, this blame culture will start to drive a wedge between you and that boss. We all have feelings, and you can be sure this animosity will extend to others in the team. 

Marko Vrakela didn’t get to the top by fostering a toxic work environment. He is able to get the best out of his team because they enjoy working for him. It’s not uncommon to see Marko Vrakela rolling his sleeves and doing a few things at his construction projects. He treats his workers as peers, motivating and encouraging them to be the best every day. Of course, he also compensates his employees generously. 

Marko Vrakela understands the impact of positive reinforcement when dealing with employees. It has served him well so far. His construction company is a great place to work, with many rave reviews from present and past workers. 

Only as Strong as the Weakest Link

Marko Vrakela understands the team is only as strong as the weakest member. A construction company with a solid team can finish a project quickly. However, one slacker can derail all of that good work and reduce the team’s effectiveness. 

The impact of the weakest link is evident on a construction site. Imagine waiting hours longer because somebody is taking too long with the digger. This long wait can tack on days to the project completion timeline and increase construction costs.  

Marko Vrakela is a man who values time and money — especially when they belong to his clients. This core value means he pays close attention to his team’s hiring process. Marko only hires experienced professionals. And with company training and seminars, Marko Vrakela and his employees are always improving. 

The result? Even the weakest link in Marko Vrakela’s team is pretty strong. That’s how Marko Vrakela is blazing a trail across Toronto’s construction industry and skylines.

Marko Vrakela’s Core Principles

Sure, you have experience in the construction industry. Maybe you even have the certifications and a well-drilled team. But you’ll never achieve the necessary heights if you don’t have certain principles.

These are the principles guiding Marko Vrakela’s work ethics:

Hard Work, Hard Work, Hard Work

There is no replacement for hard work, especially in the construction industry. If there’s anything you need to know about working in construction, it’s that you’ll be working hard — very hard. 

You have to break your back to build roads, houses, commercial buildings, lay pipes and more. You’ll want to take a break many times during a project. 

Instead, Marko Vrakela and his construction team embrace the hard work. He understands how a single hour of delay can spiral, increasing the projection completion date by days. It may be a tough ask, but Marko Vrakela believes in hard work and demands it from his team. 

No matter how hard it is, the goal is for each day to end with maximum progress on the job. Hard work is rewarding, and the best things in life don’t come easy. Marko Vrakela is an embodiment of this philosophy. 

Laughter and Good Energy is Key

Not every construction project is a dream. Some commercial projects are demanding and can suck all the positivity from the construction team. Or maybe the prophet is uninspiring and bland. 

Long hours, bad weather, and difficult jobs can reduce team morale. And in time, this’ll start to translate to a reduction in the quality of their work. 

Marko Vrakela avoids this problem by promoting a light-hearted culture within the team. He encourages joking and light banter, as long as it doesn’t affect team productivity. While it may seem like time-wasting from the outside, laughing and good energy can enhance employee productivity.

Imagine days where workers are stuck on-site for 10-24 hours. It’s likely the employees will be physically shattered after such a hard day. Now imagine a tepid atmosphere, with frowns and stern words between colleagues. 

Marko Vrakela’s lighthearted approach to work helps his team decompress, giving them the energy to keep going. On the days he visits the project sites, Marko goes above and beyond to spread cheer and goodwill. 

And on festive days, there’s nobody better to throw a work party than Marko Vrakela. With fun interactive games and side attractions, Marko promotes positivity among his employees. 

That’s why his construction company can deliver the best quality on every job. Remember, happy workers are effective workers. 

Labour can be Satisfying

For Marko Vrakela, there are few things as satisfying as erecting another structure — to see a vision come to life. Construction work is tough. Longs, heavy lifting, long hours of labour and deliberation can take their toll. 

But Marko Vrakela overcomes these potential downers by focusing on the end reward. The relief and satisfaction in his client’s faces keep him going. And knowing that these buildings will always be there, a constant reminder of his dedication, also keeps him going. 

Marko Vrakela’s Tips for Success in the Construction Industry

A titan in the industry, Marko Vrakela is always looking to inspire the next generation of construction professionals. Here are his recommendations: 

Show up Early

Punctuality is an important requisite to work in construction. Delay in any construction project can lead to increased expenses and, in worse cases, possible legal issues. You don’t want to be the one who causes these potential pitfalls.

Marko Vrakela recommends showing up fifteen minutes early. According to him, you can use this time to get your equipment in order and calibrate for the upcoming day. 

Leave Your Phone in the Car

Distractions on a worksite can cause accidents that are expensive to fix. Away from expenses, these accidents can lead to serious injuries. Leave your phone in the car, or you risk a stern word from your supervisors. You can check it during your breaks or while you’re eating lunch. 

Dress for the Occasion

Your work clothes should put you in the best position to succeed at a job site. Marko Vrakela recommends sturdy boots, jeans, a hat to protect against sunburns and gloves. You should also wear a hard hat and reflective clothing where necessary. 

Stay Honest and Humble

Avoid overstating your skills while speaking to your supervisors. Marko Vrakela says the average construction expert has a way they like to do things. It’s better to ask questions than risk doing things the wrong way!

Marko Vrakela: An Industry Leader

Experience, talent, hard work and dedication are key for anybody looking to make it in the construction industry. Marko Vrakela has these characteristics and more. That’s why he has been a success in the industry for over twenty years.

Today, he owns a company that is noted for multiple commercial and industrial projects. He runs a multi-faceted team that can handle and manage projects of various sizes. He’s the true embodiment of the Canadian dream.