Marko Vrakela, one of Toronto’s most prominent construction industry personalities, is, most importantly, a self-made success who has accomplished more in the construction industry than most who have entered it. Construction people who are successful are either good planners or good builders. The reason is quite simple.

They work closely together in the design and construction of a project and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, good builders need good planners and good planners need good builders. Vrakela’s ability to design and build is legendary. He has worked on more than a dozen landmark commercial and industrial projects.

He stands out from his peers for some reasons. It is not just the ability to envision a project, but other factors come into play.

The Journey to Prominence

Marko Vrakela hadn’t always been a high-level construction manager. In actuality, he started with a nine-to-five entry-level construction worker, who rose through the ranks to become one of the most prominent project managers in the Toronto area. Such success, however, was based on certain principles and tenets Marko Vrakela swears by. Here they are:


One of the pillars of Marko Vrakela’s success in the construction industry is communication. During his early years as a construction worker, he understood the importance of team members in different specialties of the industry (from structural engineering to electrical) maintaining open lines of communication with partners and clients. Sharing information and ideas between these individuals helped them deliver successful projects on time.

Professional Skills

The construction industry involves many moving parts, which call for specialization in various fields. From electrical works to plumbing, Marko Vrakela ensured that all skills needed to complete each project were present. Everyone was on board. His hiring criteria exceeded physical strength.

It went beyond just having a strong back, muscles, and healthy eyes. As part of the hiring process, he examined the candidate’s work ethic, professionalism, and communication skills, among others. It led him to hire highly skilled and dedicated workers.

Marko Vrakela Constructor


It is said that teamwork is what makes a successful team. When construction team members understand and accept that they are working together for a common goal and that their performance is dependent on each other, the results become good.

Marko Vrakela’s project experience in the industrial sector taught him that construction projects require collaboration and interaction. Building trust was also important and Marko Vrakela did everything to earn the trust of his team members.


This is perhaps the most important of all principles, because it is very much a fact of life that construction projects need a leader. In order to ensure that a project is delivered on time and to budget, Vrakela was, and still is, proactive in his leadership role. Leadership isn’t only about “leading” a team; it is also about making sure every member of the team has the tools and opportunities they need to perform.

Asides from these qualities, Marko Vrakela believes in hard work, labour, optimism, and a good sense of humour. Construction is a highly demanding sector that requires these factors to stay in high spirits and get the work done.


Becoming successful in the construction industry is not a day’s job. Undoubtedly, Marko Vrakela has invested valuable resources to become a reputable construction manager in Canada. He strongly believes that anyone has the chance to succeed as well if they follow the guidelines.